YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Drawing Symbols (Official Video)

everything was fake i knew it you'll never truly know someone in this life we live its cool though yeah that too be prepared to die karma never missed nobody ha ha if you reading hello goodbye

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Drawing Symbols (Official Video)

"4Freedom" available now!

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  • G G

    Yall pray for him. Please.

  • Zach Clift

    If you like young boy like

  • gg lildee

    I go through the same stuff yb

  • Debra Moore

    My nug i can feel you

  • mariBlasst

    Yb shit hit. It’s like I know this nigga the shit he speak on is shit I go through. Niggas tired of the bullshit. Mane just take me from all the pain fuck it ian scared.❤️bump yb everyday cuz we relate

  • Quenesha Antoine

    i love you young boy

  • famous vonn

    Who a REAL youngboy FAN!!!💯

  • Chris Bolton

    I was contaplatin 😔🔫..this song on repeat with🔫 confused about all thos pain inside an why i felt this way.. tha pain i feel in yo lyrics helped me get through a dark place #NBA4LIF#🙏💯

  • Darius Varnado

    I surely hope he gets through what he’s going through.

  • Bill Gates

    Shyt trill asf dis nigga a whole 10years younger den me n I feel him 1000%

  • gaminggonviral 21

    Who else thinks youngboy better the drake

  • Larry Rounds


  • Crème Dela Crème

    Everytime I hear your music.. That shit hit hard..thank you Kentrell 💕🔥🌡💯

  • Cali RAIDER

    Where that scarface shirt from

  • Chauncey Hatter

    He is going through a lot and I’m his biggest fan and I can’t see him like this I’m a girl by the way

  • Allen Wilson

    It is ok bro just stay strong for yo kids in yo self

  • Lightskiin. Piink

    He so sexy 😍😩❤️I love you baby

  • Justus Slusser

    NBA and my nigga gherbo need to hurry up and make so heat og

  • sharkeenah floyd

    This is a lovely song

  • Moni TV

    i lowkey think he only living for his kids otherwise he would’ve already killed his self 🤨😑

  • laterry gaming

    Nba u the best u go be o right I swear

  • Tracy Simpson

    Get some respect for this man he in so much pain

  • Benny moe

    When my mom ask me what wrong I just say "I'm tired" because I don't have the heart to tell the lady who gave me life that I don't want it no mo #drawingsymbols

  • Rodrikus MxGee

    Young bull working.. he gone need a legend at the rate he going.. and nothing sounds the same...

  • Savage Donohue

    Yb goin through a lot y’all like If u agree😓

  • Rjdeala Thatnigga

    NBA tomboy are you trying to tell us something

  • Maurice Taylor

    This my favorite one from NBA Young boy #like if you agree

  • vroom

    they say he dressing crazy he ain’t gone put down his collar damn bro💯

  • Joseph Martin

    Everybody can drop music that's relateable. That's easy. But for the artist to make you feel it? That's rare #Respect

  • Chloy hull

    they said kentrel got a baby

  • Ysl Ttg

    Lilbaby fans will never UNDERSTAND his lyrics

  • GamingWithJa i

    I heard he had to die in 2020

  • Heaven Simpson

    who else can realate to yb pain?

  • Ari Sha

    So do this nigga got herpes

  • tara squad 4l

    nba we know u hurting we will keep u in our prayers we don't want to lose u I just want u to know ur fans are here for uuu

  • Jamyrai Morris

    I'm sorry I 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Drocity Six'fo HighY

    Damn i feel for shorty 🙏🏽💯

  • Damoni Jackson

    Shit make me cry nigga i feel it💯💯

  • Billy Madison

    He got one tatted by his eye it symbolizes unique. 🔥 🔥💯

  • Cindy Hill

    I played this song to my lizard he's a alligator now🤦

  • HiiiPoWeR Alumni

    Boy poured his heart out with this one

  • Papi Niya

    Frfr who disliked youn got no heart💔 Praying for you Kentrell🤞🏽😢

  • Tyheshia Alexander

    This is song is hot💰💰💰

  • Lavonda Scott

    I hope you don’t leave

  • Big Shaq

    "They say plotting to kill him self cuz he just wanna leave" dam

  • maleik hawkins

    I love this song so bad

  • Skatorade

    I hope you die you gun pay for what you did this aint no normal song yall dumb af he ready to be sleep

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