Sherlock and John's First Meeting - A Study In Pink - Sherlock - BBC

Sherlock uses his powers of deduction to suss out John for the first time. Taken from Sherlock: A Study In Pink.

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  • Ris Raid

    Never before... A pilot episode soo epic that it made me an easy fan right after i watched it. And this is literally the episode i'm talking about!

  • Rebecca Griggs

    Oh how i miss sherlock, when can we expect season 5? Soon i hope!

  • Marvel Fan

    Agent ross and doctor strange 😝

  • I love Cats

    A lot of innocents in Hell suffer from Stockholm Sydrome. They feel no pain, but miss Earth as they remembered it.

  • Dimitra TUBE

    i was rewatching the episode on the internet and their meeting took place in a computer roomUPDATE IT WAS JUST THE UNAIRED VERSION OF THE EPISODE

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