Ariana Grande Carpool Karaoke смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

James and Ariana Grande give each other a lift across Los Angeles, singing songs off her new album "Sweetener," channeling some Celine Dion and settling the score on whether Ariana is physically carried wherever she goes (she isn't).

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  • Yaquelin Cuevas

    You can tell she loves singing. Same girl same 😭❤️

  • Bilal Vergili

    Next NICKI MINAJ pleasseeeee

  • The Late Late Show with James Corden

    Hello. I'm Ariana Grande. I MUST be carried.

  • Maddie S

    I love how he actually can’t get copyrighted 😂

  • Alanah. Acilio

    I MUST BE CARRIED, did you know I must be carried. 😂😂

  • bro ski

    When's part 2 coming

  • SQIP

    Cat Valentine! What are you doing here?!

  • Kawaii Elephants

    Wait what happen to Ariana hand cuz she has a white cast on her hand :(

  • MaKayla 11

    I have watched this like 15 times

  • Sultan Ari Denan Fahriji

    favvvvvv the best voice ever female Ari 🌛🌌

  • Andrew Jenkins

    Her bra is showing also James fuck her

  • Aaron Panjaitan

    Who want a BTS carpool karaoke?

  • Ativiseth Phin

    bring her on for more episodes please

  • Zoe Wenman

    When u are so fabulous that u can harmonise perfectly with yourself lol <3

  • Nikolaaa

    Can this grandpa Shut SHUT UP and let this awesome girl sing??Idk what he thinks his singing is terrible... honestly

  • Isabella Rose

    Ariana sounds better without auto tune

  • Autopsy JAY

    Why is he putting on a crap american accent.. it's party not pardy. Be proud of being English. :D

  • Jason Moyle

    I think James shoul dbe used to the traffic in LA now he has been living there for 4 years or so, he can't use the car pool thing any more.

  • anita b

    And I am a huge fan of both of you

  • Allyson Schlosser

    Omg Ariana is such a queen she is easily the most vocally talented singer in the worldddddd

  • William Simard

    They did not sang love me harder 😢 love her by the way ❤

  • Charles Phoebus Magno

    Im shookt! Check 1:12 great vocals Ariana 😭

  • Alison Marie

    idk how james didn't wreck the car tbh

  • عبدالله عبدالله الحسيني

    Hello am I ragi please أن تشتركو في قناتي

  • Faizal Iyub

    How come u have that white thing on ur Hand PS I am a BIG FAN

  • katie ellis

    Please do one with little mix ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Emerson Jm

    I like how ahe dressed 😍💕 very cute😭

  • Ojani Bonilla

    We should have a carpool karaoke with BEYONCÉ!!!!! Like if you agree

  • Anna JD

    She was not like this 2 years ago!!she became THE BEST of our generation last 2 years!!WOW!!like I am obsessed!!

  • Nik J

    Her voice is amazing oh my GOSH the voice of an Angel ❤❤❤

  • Athena WisdomOwl

    Ariana: screams at James “THAT’S SO STUPID!!!”

  • Sam Lancey

    At first I found it a bit cringe when James copies Ariana dancing but I realise if they just that as a clip to advertise it’ll look really good

  • Aaliyah Kassim

    Can someone explain this carpool karaoke to me? Because I honestly don't get it! Is it about artists singing along to their own songs in the car ? What's so special or noteworthy about that.

  • Aaron Hyland

    Get Mariah and see if she can blow the windows out

  • Cherry


  • SaveOurLegacy

    If Ariana ever created "Ariana's Grande Life - The Movie", this "God is A Woman" version should be at the begining and the ending. It's everything about Ariana.

  • Chloe Navarro

    What happened to "Suddenly Frankie"?

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