Celebrating Lennie & Pearl

Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin met and fell in love nearly half a century ago. They were legally married in Maine in 2013, but their marriage was not recognized in their home state of North Carolina until 2014. #LoveWins
  • Ariel Peeri

    Beautiful way to think and live.

  • Richard Rutherford

    It will get there but it is taking too long.  I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and we have had equal marriage since 2005 and my husband and I married in 2006 to celebrate our 30th anniversary and we have friends here who have been together for 63 years.  It was wonderful to see and hear this story of this couple who made their lives the way they wanted to and love each other no matter what, Congratulations!! Richard Rutherford

  • Sarah Michelle Ogden

    Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing their wonderful story xoxo

  • Alison Saracena

    I don't know many couples who have been together this long. What a wonderful testament to true love. My best wishes go to Lenny and Pearl!

  • Amy

    So beautiful. 😊 I'm so happy for them.

  • menno kermit

    thankfully it is viral now! It is the sweetest thing I have seen this week.

  • Kate Aron

    This is Brilliant !  Happy ! 48 years...such a long time !

  • James Martin

    This brought me to tears :)

  • Steve Carney

    A wonderful story about an amazing couple from my hometown!

  • Santiago Sartor

    hermoso! unas genias! las adoro!

  • Steve Nuttall

    They deserve to be married, amazing ladies.

  • joey BROWN

    Awesome,,, Love you girls

  • Diana Gee

    I cried when they were at their ceremony. I feel lucky that I can be myself without a second thought.

  • Saul Covington the tobacco lurker

    Beautiful God bless them😊💗

  • Adrienne Maynard

    Simply beautiful.....great love story....how can anyone possibly have a problem with that!?!!? that fact that they had to wait so long to be married is sad though

  • Frida Heidewald

    I just love how they look at each other, you can really see how much they love and care about each other. They are such a beautiful couple and have such a sweet story that it brought me to tears.

  • RR18635

    Wait - this is two women, ain't it?

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